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Hotcakes integrates directly with Google Analytics and other analytic API's. These APIs help you track sales campaigns, orders, and traffic to your specific store pages. 


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration

Getting Started

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Administrating Your Affiliate Program

The setup is found in the Admin section. Click Admin in the top menu and then click Analytics.

The Analytics Settings page is where you enter your Google Analytics information. The left side of the page is for Google, and the right side is where you enter Yahoo and ShopZilla information.  You can also add other meta data information for any other means that requires injection into your page.

When you add these values to your store, you can track visitors and traffic through the different sales pages. You can also track the success of your CPC (Adwords) campaigns.

Google Settings

Setting Name Description
Use Google Tracking Check this box if you want to use Google Analytics.
Google Tracking Id Enter the tracking Id from your Google Analytics account.
Use Google Adwords Conversion Check this box if you want to incorporate Google Adwords into your tracking and ROI statistics.
Adwords Conversion Id Enter the Adwords conversion ID from your Adwords campaigns.
Adwords Notification Layout Select the type of layout you want to use for your Adwords campaigns notifications.
Adwords Label Add the Adwords label for your store’s campaign.
Adwords Background Color Type the color code for the Adwords notification background.
Use Google Ecommerce Tracking Check this box if you want to use Google’s Ecommerce tracking system for your Google Store. This only applies if you have Google Store set up for your site.
Google Store Name Type the name for your store.
Google Category Name Type the name of the Google category for your store.

Yahoo & Others 

Setting Name Description
Use Yahoo Sales Tracking Check this box if you want to include Yahoo sales tracking in your store pages. 
Yahoo Account Id Enter your Yahoo account Id.
Use (Shopzilla) Survey Check this box if you want to include ShopZilla’s tracking code in your pages. (ShopZilla) MID Enter your ShopZilla MID account number.
Other Meta Tags Type any additional meta tags that you want to include in your page code. These meta tags are automatically generated in your page code and included with your store’s pages.
Bottom of Page Tags  Type any additional HTML tags that you want to include in your code. These tags are included within the HTML <body></body> tags.

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

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