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Hotcakes provides an API where developers can work with your store information. They can import and export information and integrate your store information into their own systems or apps. 


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • General understanding of how API's work
  • General understanding of the security risks of exposing your API

Getting Started

There are no tasks required to proceed with this article.

Administrating Your API Settings

The API settings are found in the Admin main menu. Click Admin and then click API.

Before you can use the API, you must click the Create new API Key and generate a key that is specific to you.

After you click the Create New API Key button, a new key is created specifically for your store.

You can click the button again to generate another key, to create as many API keys as you want. You can also revoke any of the keys by clicking the Revoke link next to the respective API key.

In general, you should create a new key for each integrated app you have.  Sharing the keys among apps is not recommended.  It's also a good idea to "cycle" your keys from time to time.  This would be you deleting and reissuing the keys on a regular interval, for maximum security.  

Use the "Allow Clear Operations for the Next 60 Minutes" button with caution. This option gives users the ability to use certain API calls such as "Clear All Products" that permanently deletes all of the products from your store. Only use this option if you trust calls to your store for the next 60 minutes. For instance, it may be safe to use this option for your developers when testing during a development phase.

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