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Hotcakes has built-in fraud screening to prevent fraud in your store. You can screen phone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, IP addresses and domain names.  This allows you to prevent people from creating orders, if they match known fraudulent conditions.


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Administrating Fraud Screening

The Fraud Screening tool is found in the Admin drop down menu.

The Fraud Screening page lets you add information to the screening list.  This includes e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, credit card numbers, and domain names.  

Adding criteria for fraud screening is as easy as entering the information into the correct area, and then clicking the Add button.  It will then show in the list box below the text box.

When you want to remove criteria, simply select what you want to remove from the respective list box, and then click the delete button next to the list box.

The tool rates fraud on a numeric level. Any rating of five or higher will result in an order placed on hold.  You can see how the points add up by looking at the watermark in each of the text boxes on the page.  

Every order will have the fraud level displayed in the top-left area of the order details in the order manager.

When orders are flagged as fraudulent, they are placed on hold for you to review. You can call the customer, release the order, cancel the order, or perform any other action that makes sense for your business. You can find these orders from the orders section of the administration area.

Add your data in this screen and click Add to add it to your fraud list.

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