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Just like other sections of the content area of your site, you can assign roles to the administration pages of your e-commerce administration area. Roles can be assigned to your catalog, orders and customer management, and mobile access.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have an understanding of how permissions work

Getting Started

If you're making changes right now, you should first create one or more security roles to apply to these e-commerce management profiles.  This can be done in the CMS portion of the application.

Role Administration

Role configuration for the admin area is found in the Admin or Commerce menu. Click Role Administration to open the page.

The Role Administration page has several dropdown options.

A drop down list is displayed for each type of access you can grant to others that might be managing the store with you or for you. The default role you'll usually see is Administrators, but you can choose other security roles available on your site.  The following is the list of the current role assignments available.

Setting Name Description
Catalog Management Anyone belonging to the selected security role will be able to access and adminstrate everything in the catalog and marketing areas.  This is most common for peope that regularly manage products and marketing personnel.
Orders and Customer Management People assigned to the security role specified here will be able to access and manage everything in the orders, people, and reports areas.  This assignment is often made for customer support and customer service representatives.  
Store Administration If a user account belongs to the role assigned here, they'll be able to manage all views and all aspects if your store. Please choose who has this access wisely.  
Mobile Access Anyone belonging to the security role selected here will be able to login and access the store from our iPhone app.  This access is nearly identical to the people who you decide should be in the "Orders and Customer Management" access profile.

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

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