Shipping & Handling Settings


Hotcakes lets you set your own shipping and handling fees for your store. You can set shipping and handling fees for each product and for different shipping methods. These settings are global, allowing you to add another shipping and handling charge to all products or all orders, in addition to any other shipping and handling charges that might be already applied by other means.


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Shipping and Handling Settings

You can find this configuration by clicking the Admin menu item and selecting Shipping and Handling.

You’re shown the Shipping and Handling options.

Setting Name Description
Handling Fee Amount Enter the amount that you'd like to add throughout the store.  This must be a numeric amount matching the store settings, such as $1.23 or 1,23.
Apply Handing Fee Select how you would like the handling fee amount applied in your store.  If you choose Per Item, then every single line item in every order will have this amount added.  If you choose Per Order, then this value will be applied once at the order level, but for all orders.
Charge Handling On Non-Shipping Items If you sell virtual products, software, memberships, or other products that don't require shipping, you might want to consider whether or not this shipping & handling fee applies to those products.  If checked, this fee will indeed be applied in the same manner as any other product in your store.

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

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