Shipping Method: Rate Per Weight Formula


In almost all stores, shipping cost centers around weight.  However, your use case may require a very specific set of rules to calculate the shipping rate.  This shipping method allows you to set calculation rules to dynamically generate shipping rates.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

Getting Started

In order for this shipping method to work, your products need to all have weights assigned to them.

Shipping Method: Rate Per Weight Formula

When you manage this shipping method, you have some of the standard shipping method settings, as well as a number of formula fields to define your specific shipping calculation rules.

Setting Name Description
Name This is the language friendly name that you'll see in the shipping methods list, and your customers will also see this value in the checkout, receipt, and e-mail notifications.
Highlight Color By default, this value will be "None" but if selected, it will highlight this order in the order manager, when the customer chooses this shipping method during checkout.
Shipping Zone Choose the shipping zone that this method will be used with.

Apply Rules to Orders in this Range

These settings allow you to qualify an order to use this shipping method, based upon the cumulative weight of all line items in the order.  The total weight needs to fall in between these two settings.  

Setting Name Description
When Weight is Greater Than or Equal to Specify the minimum weight that the order weight total should be in order to be considered for this shipping method.
And Weight is Less Than or Equal to Specify the maximum weight that the order weight total should be in order to be considered for this shipping method.

Using this Formula

This is where the actual formula is defined to calculate the shipping rate for orders that qualify inn the weight specifications above.

Setting Name Description
Charge the Flat Fee First and foremost, you can define a flat fee to be charged when this shipping method is selected.  This could be any value of zero or above, but in the currency format as specified in the store settings.
Charge an Additional Per-Unit Rate of Enter a value of at least zero to define the currency amount you wish to charge for the pounds/kilos defined in the next setting.  This should be in the same currency format as the store settings.
For Each Pound/Kilo Over You should enter a numeric value between the order weights in the settings above.  Each of the pounds/kilos that the order has above this value will be charged the unit rate above.

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

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