Editing the Customer Address Book


When editing customers, one of the things you can do is view and manage their address book for them.  Each customer can have an address book, and this allows them to more quickly place new orders, as they only have to select an address instead of entering it over again.  This is something they can do themselves, but it's also something you can do for them as part of your customer service duties.  


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Editing the Customer Address Book

The address book will be available to you whenever you click through on a customer.  It has a left panel with a couple of options, as well as a listing of addresses, if any have been saved.  

If there aren't yet any addresses saved by or for the customer, you'll see a view like this instead.

Featere Element Description
Close If you click this button, you'll be returned to the customer listing.  
New Address Clicking this button will take you to a view where you can enter an address on behalf of a customer, such as potentially during taking an order over the phone.
Nickname This is the name given to the address in the address book, so the customer knows what it is, when they see it in a drop down list.  If no name exists, you'll see "[no name found" there instead.
Name This is the first and last name given in the address record for this specific address, which will not necessarily match the customer's name.
[no name] There is an editing column in the address listing, with an option to edit the address or delete it, respectively.  You'll have an opportunity to cancel any editing changes, but deleting this address is a permanent action.  You will not be able to undo a delete action.

When you click to edit an existing address or create a new one, you'll see a form like this one below.

Setting Description
Nickname Enter a name that the customer desires to help them easily identify who this address is for, where it's going, and why it exists.  As an example, "Mom" is not as effective as "Mom's House" since Mom might have a both a work and home address.
Country Select the country where this address is located.
First Name Enter the first name of the person who will be accepting shipments at this address.
Last Name Enter the last name of the person who will be accepting shipments at this address.
Company If this address belongs to a business, enter the business name here.  It could potentially help delivery drivers.
Address (line 1) The street address should go here, such as 123 Main Street.
Address (line 2) If this address has a suite or apartment number, you should enter it here.  This setting does not have a label.
City Enter the name of the city where this street address is found.
State Choose the region that matches this delivery address, if applicable.
Zip Code If this address has a postal code, enter it here.
Phone Number All addresses should have a phone number associated with them, but it is an optional field.  If you have the phone number of the shipment recipient, it should go here.

You can click the Save Changes button to save your updates to this address.

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