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A category doesn't do anyone much good without also having products assigned to it.  This view allows you to look for and assign as many products as you want to the category.


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Category Select Products

Once you reach this page, you'll have three different sections that you can work with to manage the products that are assigned to this view, and the order that they appear to your customers.

Don't worry, you can add a product to as many categories as you'd like.

Product Picker

The product picker allows you to look for the products that you want to have associated with this category.  You can search by keyword, and further refine your search by choosing a filter below for the manufacturer, vendor, and category.  The search results will appear in the product selector you see below the product picker.

Product Selector

The product selector will have a "paged" listing of the products that match the search you performed in the product picker above.  You can adjust this view to show different pages of results and even change the number of results shown per page.  All you need to do to assign a product to this category is check the respective checkbox, and then click the Add button below the product selector.

Feature Description
Bounced This metric represents the number of products in this category that were viewed by customers, but were never added to the shopping cart.  Ideally, this never should continue to go down over time.  
Abandoned The abandonment rate is the number of products in this category that were added to the shopping cart, but never actually purchased.  Ideally, this number should continue to go down over time.  This number is generally lower than the bounce rate.
Purchased If this metric sounds self-explanatory, then you're correct.  This is the number of products in this category that have been purchased.  This number is usually lower than the Abandoned rate and should go up over time.
Image Update This marker lets you know when the category image was last updated, which may be a contributing factor to the category performance increasing or decreasing.
Copy Update The copy marker tells you when the category name, description, or any of it's meta data was last updated.  It's common to see this kind of update have an impact on the performance of a category.
Products Update Anytime you add or remove a product from the category, this marker will be placed.  
Multiple Updates If you have two or more markers on the same day, this marker will be used to let you know.  It would generally be best to make small changes and measure them over time, instead of applying a large number of updates all at once.  

Selected Products

Initially, this area will be blank, but once you add at least one product to the category, you'll have a listing of products that you can sort by dragging and dropping them as desired.  You can remove a product at any time by clicking the delete icon on the right side of any specific product row.

The Return to Category button will take you back to the category details editing view.


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