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Roles (or security roles) are used extensively throughout all areas of Hotcakes.  At the category level, the roles allow you to define which groups of people can see the category. By default, all categories are public, with no roles assigned to it.


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Category Roles

Category security roles are a great way to segment your store based upon permissions.  This is especially powerful for instances where you want to make certain products available only to subsets of your customer base.  This could be a VIP customer group as an example.  Another example might be a dual model where you do both B2B and B2C, and you want certain categories to only be shown to your partners or other business relationships.

The drop down list will be loaded with all of the security roles that you've create in the CMS control panel.  All you need to do to assign this category to a role is select it, then click the Add Role button.

Once you have one or more roles assigned to the category, you can remove the role by clicking the delete icon on the right side of the role.  

Role Hierarchy

You can assign security roles to not only categories, but also product types and products.  If you assign a role here, it will override the product role, but the product type role setting will override the category role you set here.

Regardless to role assignments, superusers and administrators will always be able to see the products assigned to roles.

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