Products: Volume Discounts


Volume discounts are a great way to give your customers a benefit for buying your products in bulk amounts.  Volume discounts gives your customers a reduced rate for purchasing higher quantities all at once.  This is a very common way to increase sales on your site.

Please note that volume discounts don't work very well with choices or variants at this time.  These features should be used exclusive of each other.


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Products: Volume Discounts

You'll find the "Volume Discounts" menu item once you begin editing any product.  Just look in the left panel.

When you first see the volume discounts view, it won't have any discounts, only the form to add new ones.

Setting Description
Quantity Enter the quantity that you wish to define a new price for.  
Price Enter the price per item that this product should be offered for if the quantity you entered is purchased.  This value should be input in the same currency format as your site settings.

For example, if your product is normally sold at $10.00 per item, but you want to give a built-in volume discount when 5 are purchased, you'd specify a quantity of 5 and then make the price something lower than $10.00, such as $8.99 each.

After you've added at least one volume discount, you'll see them displayed below the form you've just been using.

Column Description
Quantity This column will display the quantity you've entered before.
Price The price you see here will be the matching discounted price per item that you specified for the given quantity on the same row.
[no name] This column allows you to permanently delete the volume discount for this row.


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