Shared Choices


Shared choices allow you to generate a choice that can be reused by other products. For example, imagine you're selling clothes.  You don’t want to create and recreate pant sizes each time you add a new pair of jeans to the store. A shared choice allows you to create this choice once in the store and then select it instead of one of the other choice types when create choices on the Choices - Edit view.


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Shared Choices

To access shared choice settings, choose it from the Catalog menu.

When you arrive at this view for the first time, you won't see any choices created.  You'll need to create one first.  You can create a new shared choice by using the features in the left panel.

There are a number of types of choices you can create to be shared among the products in your catalog.  You'll find these choices described in the Choices - Edit documentation.

Shared Choices Listing Grid

Once you have some choices created, they'll be listed in a similar grid view as seen in the Choices - Edit view.  Here, they're listed in alphabetical order though.

Creating & Editing Shared Choices

Whether you're creating a new choice or editing an existing choice, you'll end up at the same editing view.  

The types of choices and the edit views will almost mirror what you see in the Choices - Edit view.  You'll find the definition for all of the settings and types there.

Once you have a shared choice created, it will be displayed in the Choices - Edit view as an option to choose instead of creating a new choice.  You see them noted with a separation in the drop down list, as shown below.

When you add a shared choice to a product, it will look like the image below.  Please note that the choice items and the attributes of each choice item can't be edited in the product view.  Therefore, this makes pricing and any other setting you edit more global in nature.

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