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Getting Started

Before you proceed with this article, you should first learn about and be familiar with how to use payment gateways in Hotcakes.   This article will only go into detail on how to enable and configure the gateway itself, and not the rest of the payment gateway configuration.

Beanstream Payment Method

Before you'll be able to configure anything with Beanstream, you'll first need to create an account there, and gather a few pieces of information.

Once you create your account and login, you'll see your merchant ID in the header area of the merchant administration area.  You'll want to take note of this value.

Now that you have your merchant ID, you'll need the username and password for the merchant account you wish to use in your store.  You'll find these in the user account management area.

In the user manager, Beanstream allows you to create multiple accounts for anyh number of purposes.  If you haven't already created one for your store, you should do that now.  Keep track of the username you assign to this account, and it's password as well.

Now, you can go to your Hotcakes payment gateway area and add this information to your Beanstream configuration.  If you're not sure how to get there, please review the payment gateway documentation.

Setting Description
Merchant ID This is the merchant ID described above. Please see the previous steps to find and copy your merchant ID to this setting.
Username This is the username described above. Please see the previous steps to find and copy your username to this setting.
Password This is the password described above. You won't likely be able to copy and paste this value.
Debug Mode This setting is useful when you're developing, or when you need to troubleshoot transactions.  When checked, the transactions will include additional information to help you determine where and why problems may be occurring.

Click the "Save Changes" button to apply your desired configuration updates to the store.  You'll be returned to the payment gateway view.

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