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Stripe is easily one of the fastest growing and popular payment gateways available - especially with newer online stores.  They've been gaining a lot of ground with competitive rates and ease-of-use.  Stripe is one of our favorites too, because our clients appear to have less issues setting it up and managing payments over time. 


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

Getting Started

Before you proceed with this article, you should first learn about and be familiar with how to use payment gateways in Hotcakes.   This article will only go into detail on how to enable and configure the gateway itself, and not the rest of the payment gateway configuration.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Before you can configure Hotcakes to accept payments using Stripe, you'll first need to create your Stripe account, as well create access for Hotcakes.

First, login at Stripe using the link above.  Then, Choose "Account Settings" under "Your Account".  This will open a popup window with various settings.

Choose the "API Keys" section to continue.

This will bring you to the API Keys area, where you can generate and regenerate API keys to use in your store.  There are two types of keys here, Test and Live.  The Test Publishable Key will be used in your store when you're developing and testing.  The Live Publishable Key should be used once you make your store available to customers.

Now that you have your API key, go to the Stripe payment gateway settings in Hotcakes.  If you're not sure how to get there, please review the payment gateway settings documentation.

Setting Description
API Key The API key you use here will be determined by whether you're editing your public store, or a test/development version of your store.  Please see the different keys discussed above.  Copy and paste the desired API key into this setting.
Currency If you wish to support a currency that's different from the store currency setting, you should choose it here.


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