Test Gateway


This is one of the built-in credit card payment gateways that come with Hotcakes Commerce.  The test gateway is what will be used at all times when running in trial mode, or when you simply have it chosen.  It's often used during development, for when you don't want to place orders using your actual payment gateway.  Order transactions using the test payment gateway will act the same as if you were using a standard gateway.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

Getting Started

Before you proceed with this article, you should first learn about and be familiar with how to use payment gateways in Hotcakes.  This article will only go into detail on how to enable and configure the gateway itself, and not the rest of the payment gateway configuration.

Test Gateway

The test gateway has a few checkbox settings available for you to use.  By default, each of these transaction types will all return positive results.  However, you can check any or all of these to test what happens when the transaction type will be denied.

Setting Description
Authorize Fails Authorizations occur when your store is setup to authorize first, and not capture funds immediately.
Capture Fails Capture transactions will occur if you've previously held funds using an authorize transaction.  The capture allows you to process the held funds.
Charge Fails A Charge will occur as an alternative to the authorization transaction.  This happens when your store charges customers right away.
Refund Fails Refunds can be processed against a previous transaction to return a partial or full payment to your customer.
Void Fails Voids will occur if you choose to cancel an existing payment transaction.

Once you've decided which transactions to test denials for (or not), click the "Save Changes" button to save your preferences.

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