Orders by Date Report


This is by far our most commonly used report.  The Orders by Date report shows the number of orders you received during the specified date range, but grouped by day. It does not represent any transactions for payments.  For this information, see the Transactions by Day report.  

Our customers use this report so much because it contains most of the information you often base your internal reports on.  You'll generally find everything you're looking for in the downloaded version of this report, that you won't find in other reports.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have at least one order completed in your site

Getting Started

All you need to have in orders to follow along with this article is to have at least one completed order to be able to report upon and see data for.

Orders By Date Report

To see this report, choose the Orders by Date menu item from the Reports menu in the control panel.

The default selected date range is for the current month. Use the Date Range dropdown to select a predefined date or a custom range.  When you select or specify the date range you wish to see data on, the grid will automatically refresh.

The grid shows a list of orders based on the date range filter.

Column Description
Date You'll see the date that this order was placed in this column.
Order Number When you see "Sample Order" here, it represents orders that were added during your evaluation to test how Hotcakes works.  You can remove all of the test data by removing your sample products and modules, or by deleting the sample data in the Superuser Admin area.
Subtotal This is the subtotal for the order on this row, which is the total before some discounts, shipping, and taxes.
Discounts This column will show you the sum total of any discounts applied to the order.
Shipping If this order needed to ship anything, you'll see the total of the shipping rates that were charged to the customer.
Ship Disc. If any shipping discounts were found in the order, they'll be reflected in this column.
Tax If your store is setup to charge taxes, and if the order qualified for taxes to be applied, you'll see the sum total of those taxes displayed in this column.
Grand Total This column represents the sum total of all charges that were displayed to the customer.
[no name] This is an action column, where you can view the order matching the respective row.  Clicking this icon will take you directly to the order details view in the order manager.

At the bottom of the report, you'll see an "Export to Excel" button.  This button allows you to export the contents of this report to Excel in the form of an instant download.  You'll find all of the reports that match the selected date range in the Excel file, including all of the granular data that you don't see displayed directly on this page.

In addition to an export feature, you'll also see sum totals for all of the columns discussed above.

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