Transactions by Day Report


The Transactions by Day reports shows you a list of transactions by a specific day. This may help you to keep an eye on how product is moving through your store day by day.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • You should have products added and orders being made

Getting Started

Your report will always be empty until you begin accepting orders.

Transactions by Day Report

Click the Transactions by Day menu item in the Reports menu of the control panel.

Your report will always default to the current day.  You can use this control to choose another day entirely, or you can navigate to the next and previous days using the arrow icons provided.

The grid below the date selector will fill up with any order transactions that you've had for the specific day.

Column Description
Order # /Time / Customer This column will have a summary of the information that makes this order unique to a customer.  This includes the order number, time that the order was placed, along with the name and address of the customer.
Description You'll find the description of the transaction listed in this column.
Subtotal This is the subtotal of the order, which doesn't include all discounts and excludes taxes, shipping, and order-level discounts.
Discounts This column will include any discounts that aren't line item or shipping discounts.
Shipping You'll find the total shipping charges for the order here.
Ship Disc. This is the discounts that have been applied to the shipping charges.
Tax If there is any tax for the order, it will be in this column.
Total This is the grand total of the order, including taxes, shipping, and all discounts.
[no name] This is an action column, and clicking this icon will take you to the order details for this specific order.


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