Hotcakes Search Input Module


The search input module allows customers on your site to specify the keywords they wish to use to discover products they're looking for in your catalog.  You can place this module in as many or few places as you'd like to help you achieve the user experience you're looking for.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Configure your store using the getting started wizard or do it manually
  • Have a basic understanding of how search works on a traditional website

Getting Started

The information provided here is based upon the default configuration of Hotcakes and the default viewset. Your views may have more or less functionality, depending on how it was implemented by your technical team.

Search Input Module

If you've used the wizard to set-up your store pages, you'll already have the search input module placed in your site.  In a default configuration, that page will be found under the "Hotcakes Store" menu, on the "Search Results" page.  In most instances, those pages will have been moved and/or renamed on your site though.

When you arrive on that page, you'll see the search input module placed as the first module on the page.  It consists of a textbox that allows your customers to enter one or more keywords to use to search your product catalog.  They can either press <Enter> on their keyboard, or click on the search button that looks like a magnifying glass.  Once they execute the search, they'll be redirected to the page that contains the search module to see the results of their search.

Please Note

This feature depends on the search results being on a known page, and you'll also need to use the page configuration feature to ensure that the search results page is properly specified.

Once the customer is shown the search results (as a result of executing a search in the previous step), any matching search results will be shown.  The image below shows the default example, after searching using "sample" as the keyword to look for.  The other modules you see on this page are discussed in the search module documentation article.

What really makes this work though, is that the search input module added the querystring to the end of the URL of the search results page, like shown below.  The querystring value begins with the question mark.

Module Settings

This module has settings that are unique to how it works on your site for you and your customer.  If you're not already familiar with how module settings work, you should see the module settings documentation to learn more.

Not all of these settings are currently used by this module.  The settings that are currently supported are discussed below.

Setting Description
View This read-only setting will simply show you the view that was selected before viewing the current settings.
Select a View If you wish to change the view that's being used to display the reviews, select the alternative view.  By default, "SearchInput" will be selected and used.  However, you or your design team can create a new one.

When you look at the available options, you'll see SearchInput selected, as mentioned above.  Index and LinksFilters are used by the search module, discussed in another article.  They should not be used for the search input module.

Viewset View Location

You'll find the views for this module in the following location in your viewset:



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