This is the view model that's loaded into the Products property of the DrillDownJsonModel.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • General understanding of template engines
  • Understanding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and KnockoutJS
  • Familiarity with template languages
  • Familiarity with ASP.NET MVC Razor

Getting Started

There are no tasks needed to get started with understanding this object. 


This view model is used by some web services to reflect a subset of the information for each product used in large collections, for performance reasons.  It's currently only used in the drill-down views, by the DrillDownJsonModel.


The following table gives you details on the various members of the SingleProductJsonModel object. The descriptions are based upon default functionality and the default Viewset included with Hotcakes.

Member Type Description
Bvin String This is the unique identifier for the product, used by most of the system to identify the product, regardless of the current SKU assigned.
ImageSmallAltText String The alternate text assigned to the small version of the primary image of the product.
ImageSmallUrl String The smaller, more optimized version of the primary image assigned to the product.
ProductAddToCartLink String If not an empty string, the current product can be added to the cart in a single click and this value will be the URL to do that.
ProductLink String This is the unique URL for the product details page, where the customer can learn more about it.
ProductName String The name that is currently saved for the product will be found here.
ProductSku String A unique SKU that was assigned to the product will be in this property.
UserPrice String A string representation of the price that the current customer should pay for the product will be in this property.  It will reflect any sales and price group information, depending on the status of the customer and whether they're logged in or not.  It will not include any other promotions.


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