REST API Endpoints for Product Images


Product images are not the primary image you see when the products are listed.  They are the "additional images" you see listed on a product details page.  This area of the API allows you to manage additional images for a product.


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • General understanding of REST and API’s
  • Understanding of C# and/or JavaScript

Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so, you should probably have a development environment ready to development against, complete with Hotcakes installed and configured.

REST API Endpoints for Product Images

There are a handful of REST API endpoints that allow you to display or manage various aspects of product images.  Those endpoints are detailed below.

Please Note: This documentation will be completed soon. We apologize for the delay. In the meantime, you should know that these endpoints follow the same pattern as the others.

Endpoint Return Type Description
ProductImagesCreate ProductImageDTO Creates the product image with the provided attributes and returns the object back to you.
ProductImagesDelete Boolean Deletes the product image matching the given product image ID and returns true if successful.
ProductImagesFind ProductImageDTO Returns a product image matching the product image ID provided.
ProductImagesFindAll List of ProductImageDTO Returns a list of product images for the store.
ProductImagesFindAllByProduct List of ProductImageDTO Returns all of the product images for the specific product in the store.
ProductImagesUpdate ProductImageDTO Updated the product image meta data in the store.
ProductImagesUpload Boolean This endpoint is used when you need to overwrite an existing product image.


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