Zip File Upload Failed Installation/Upgrade Error


In certain scenarios, you may experience an error message when attempting to install the Hotcakes Commerce module installation/upgrade package.  This article helps you understand how to resolve the error message.


In order to be able to proceed with the information in this article, you'll need to be familiar with the following prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with installation and management of DNN
  • Familiarity with installation and management of Hotcakes Commerce
  • Superuser user account access to your website

Getting Started

There are no additional prerequisites to getting started.

Zip File Upload Failed

On certain occasions, you might experience an error message during the installation/upgrade process that tells you the "Zip File Upload Failed."  You can see an example of this below.


If you see this error message, this is most likely because you've either uploaded a file that's not a zip (archive) file, or you've attempted to install the CMS package into the CMS, instead of the module package. 

You are not allowed to install such files into DNN.  Only a properly formatted extension package (zip file) may be uploaded into the extension installation/upgrade feature seen here.


In order to resolve this error message, you'll want to download the correct installation/upgrade package again.  This package has "Core" in the file name.

Revisit the extensions installation/upgrade view on your website and attempt the installation again.

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