Release 03.02.02

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Version 03.02.02

This release includes new features and bug fixes, including updates provided by the community and those reported in the official Hotcakes Commerce support portal.


As always, please test your upgrades on a development/staging version of your site first. Be sure to back-up prior to upgrading, and merge any noted viewset changes as desired. We're not responsible for any Hotcakes that get spilled on the floor.

Downloads & Installation/Upgrade Packages

You can download Hotcakes at any time from the downloads page.

Release Notes

This is a feature release of Hotcakes Commerce, an open source e-commerce CMS.

The following prefixes are defined as:


  • Membership Products - SI: Add option to not notify customers using the built-in DNN security role e-mail (Issue 184)
    • Special Note: For some stores, this may be perceived as a breaking change. Customers were already getting notified by default unless you had a custom workflow implemented to override it. A SQL query can be run to restore this functionality.
  • Security - CI: Updated the e-mail address validation logic to support newer top-level domain name extensions (Issue 63)

Maintenance Updates

  • Issue 160 - SI: Orders Paid with Missing Shipping Address After Invalid Payment Details
  • Issue 168 - SI: Stray Comma on Empty Shipping Information in Order Details
  • Issue 200 - SI: Disabling reviews still shows rating
  • Issue 112 - CI: Server cannot append header after HTTP headers have been sent
  • Issue 31 - CI: Category Roles Not Always Enforced
  • Issue 30 - CI: Cant create/update addresses in the Address Book view
  • Issue 185 - DNN 9 Compatibility: Replaced Gravity theme references with Xcillion
  • Issue 169 - DNN 9 Compatibility: Replaced conflicting JavaScript value to resolve edit mode issue in drilldown view
  • Issue 189 - Membership product security role assigned on failed payments
  • Issue 173 - Drilldown API doesn't include price adjustment

Community Members/Partners Participating in this Release


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Viewset Changes

Viewset changes unfortunately happen with most releases as we add new default features, fix bugs, address browser compatibility issues, and so on. As you might imagine, some of these updates are "nice to have" while others are very necessary updates for you too.

At the very least, you should always review the Cart, Checkout, CSS, JavaScript, and local resource file updates when there are any. These are areas that can directly affect how well your store is performing.

Download all Viewset Changes

Individual Viewset Updates

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